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Days of Grace: 1/365
March 3, 2009, 12:08 am
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Over on, she started this thing called 365 Days of Grace. The idea: blog 5 things every day that grace your life. I tried doing this unofficially on my Facebook page a couple of months ago and well, I didn’t keep it up. So I’m going to try it here. Five things a day can’t be that hard, right? And five items I’m grateful for will just make my world more beautiful. I can’t promise to hit every day, but I’ll do my best to be consistent. So here it goes:

Days of Grace: 1/365

  1. Chocolate Pot de Creme from Whole Foods when I’m PMSing
  2. Facebook, which helped me meet my half-brother (at least virtually) who lives in England
  3. My boss, Donna, who subtley urged me to hold out the olive branch to someone I’m not getting along with. Just making that first gesture makes me feel better about the whole thing, even though we haven’t yet had “the talk”
  4. Daisy Weasel, for her crazy antics that make me laugh
  5. 70-degree days in March, even if just for the walk to and from the car

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I’m glad you’re giving it another shot!

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