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Random Tuesday Thoughts: 1

The UnMom, a lively blogger with a potty mouth that I admire, not only for the frequency of her use of the f-word but the varieties of ways she uses it, started this trend of blogging all of the random thoughts that are not really full blog posts. Because I am a sheep in blogland, I am jumping on the bandwagon. Also, this allows me to purge all of those random thoughts that keep me awake at night.

Such as:

If I were 25 and in good dance shape, I’d be first in line for the Denver auditions of So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday.

Maybe I’d be one of those dancers that Nigel and Mary shake their heads at and say “terrible.” But I’d get on TV, which has always been a dream of mine. Not in some random media story either, but real TV that a whole group of millions of people watch every week.

What the hell is a “self-indulgent” song choice, Simon?

I mean, really, isn’t the whole POINT of being American Idol to indulge yourself in expressing your own “talent”? Now Randy’s getting on the bandwagon, too. What the hell are you two talking about? I need an eye-rolling emoticon here.

I loathe that song “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat …

Or howeverthehell you spell her name. Yet I forget that I hate that song and find myself singing along with it until it hits me that it’s THAT song, and my skin crawls a bit as I thumb over to another station in the car or click skip on the Accuradio station. It’s so awful that I’m going to post it here just to torture you with it.

Thank you, T-Mobile, for the “uberuser” special discount.

Who says ginormous corporations are greedy sons of bitches? Today, when I logged into my T-Mobile account to find out how many minutes we have left, I encountered an offer to move over to an unlimited family plan for $10 more than what we’re currently paying for two lines sharing 1000 minutes. I’m not the phone whore I used to be because I don’t want to pay overage charges.  Steve is using his personal phone for work, and that’s easily eating up 80% of our alotted minutes (they’re reiumbursing him some cash each month). I had planned to change to the unlimited family plan this month anyway, but this deal gives me what I want for $50 less each month. So T-Mobile? Offer accepted!

My graphic designer needs a serious talking to.

I (heart) her big time, but someone just mentioned that someone’s name is misspelled in a headline of my magazine, which we just went to press with, and she’s the one who types in the headlines. Last time, it was a misspelled name on the freaking cover. Yes, I have proofreaders, and they missed it too. So did I, and I looked at that headline 20 times at least. My brain did not catch it. It one thing if the error is mine. It’s another if it’s done by someone who I pay good money to be perfect. I hate confrontation, but I will have to do it.

Random kid quote

“Momma, sometimes I pick my nose and eat my boogers, and most of the time they are delicious.” Yes, my daughter is precious.

I’m seriously nervous about how we’re going to maneuver tasting wine and driving on Saturday.

The Wellbutrin turns a half-glass of wine into two bottles in my system, so I haven’t been drinking at all. That’s great for Steve, because I’ve been the built-in DD. It’s his birthday, so I should just NOT drink at all. But what’s the fun in that? Especially given the places I have us booked for tastings (which I can’t write here because they are a SURPRISE! Hi honey!) We could hire a limo–cha-ching! Steve can hold his liquor, so I guess we’ll just have to play it by ear. And Universe, this is not about calling in that of which I speak, OK? Which is why I am being very vague. Let’s keep it that way.

My mom is sending a big screw-you to the cancer center I work for.

I don’t blame her. I pushed her to come here for diagnosis (she may or may not have multiple myeloma). She has had nothing but trouble, had to pay $1000 in a “self-pay deposit”, and she asked for her money back, which they sent her. But they also sent the copy of her MRI film off into the world by regular USPS, and most likely sent it to an address she hasn’t lived at for 20 years. Which means that original film, the one that cannot be reproduced, the one that is the benchmark for what may be a fatal disease, is likely lost. So my mom is letting her lawyer take over. She’s been cc’ing my ultimate boss and the center clinical director. I say go Mom. (Yet I worry that I may get some “feedback.”)

Things I miss eating, but can’t without spewing a lot of unpleasant odors:

  • popcorn
  • pizza
  • cotton candy
  • Taco Hell enchiladas
  • whole milk, skim milk, anything milk, except yogurt

When I post comments, I’m funny or at least witty. Then my blogs for the most part are all serious like.

So I wonder if people who click over here after reading a comment are all, “Wow, what a cocktease. She’s a snore!” And then I wonder if I actually write some blogs with the snarky side of my personality and some with the serious side (because I am a gemini, an thus two-faced by definition) if people who actually read this blog (all 43 of you, on a normal day) will be confused. Or maybe the “your opinion of me is so much more important than my opinion of me” button is stuck on “on” and I just need to not worry about it. Anyway.

And finally, Gilles, late of Sex and the City the Movie and now of Dancing with the Stars, makes my … how shall I put it, “mouth” water. I just gave him all 13 of my votes.

I am addicted to TV talent shows.


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I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance. because I so KNOW I can’t dance but still THINK I can! : )

Comment by Sarah

I hate that song Bubbly also. It just needs to go away. May have to give the stream of consciousness thing a try one of these days. Very funny.

Comment by Jen

“most” of the time her boogers are delicious?

Don’t you think a bad-tasting one would deter a person from eating them?

I say hire the limo. 🙂

Comment by Keely

one option on wine tasting and driving is to spit, not swallow. But that’s not as fun. Remember to take a little book to write down the vineyards and vintages you like, because I guarantee you’ll forget some by the third vineyard!

If you are in Napa proper you might look into the Wine Train. I forget where they make stops.

Comment by Derende

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