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Naked kids camp
March 11, 2009, 2:01 pm
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Yesterday morning, two of Denver’s morning DJs on Alice 105.9 were all in a lather over a story about a nudist summer camp for kids. “Oh my god! Surely those camp counselors, who are also naked, are doing more than counseling! That’s just wrong!” They exclaimed (thus the exclamation marks). According to the DJs, the camp had existed for over a decade, and the “authorities” were just now finding out about it. People were getting “in trouble” for it. I searched for the story and couldn’t corroborate that it even exists. Regardless of whether the story is real or not, it got me going.

Once again, stupid people equate being naked with having sex. Maybe that’s the only time they are naked. Maybe if they saw a naked 11 year old they’d think it was sexy.

Let me be honest here. I like being naked. When no one is around my house, or when it’s just Steve and me, I am usually naked before the front door closes behind me. I also am sometimes naked in front of Lauren, because she is my daughter, and I don’t care if she sees me naked. Also, I’m trying to show her that there is nothing naughty or dirty or shameful about the human body. Of course, Steve is appropriately dressed in front of her, and I make sure she is appropriately dressed in front of him and Ryan. But that’s about not making THEM uncomfortable.

This said, I am not a nudist. In 2005, I did go topless on a beach for a whole week, and that was fun, but a topless beach does not a nudist make. Nudism is a lifestyle choice, and there is nothing wrong with it. I actually know some nudists. They are naked inside their house at most times–both parents and two kids. When they go outside, they put on clothes. They do frequent nudist resorts for vacations where everyone is naked. These camps and resorts are for being au naturale, not for having sex. Maybe there is an occasional impropriety between older teens and younger teens (in the “story” being discussed, having 12-17 year olds together was part of the issue), but from what my friend has told me, that sort of thing isn’t more common than it would be at a regular co-ed camp. The kids who attend such resorts have usually grown up in families where being naked is a normal state of being, as much as being clothed is a normal state in other families.

There are some nudist resorts–take Hedonism in Jamaica–that are also swingers resorts. And they are adults-only (as they should be) so there is no sexual ogling of minors going on. But most nudist resorts are not about sex.

Don’t we (especially we women and girls) get enough messages about our bodies being wrong (three words: feminine hygiene spray) without this nonsense?

I don’t think I’d be playing beach volleyball or hiking naked anytime soon, but I don’t judge those who do or allow their kids to do it.


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I am waaayyyy too prudish to go to any nudist anything. I think that is because my feet are always cold and I have to wear socks. Can you imagine what that would look like?

Comment by Jessica Bern

For a Textile, you have a pretty reasonable take on this subject. Wish everyone did.

In case you’re interested, kids are welcomed at most nudist/naturist venues and have a great time. Statistically, they tend to drop out in their late teens, at least for a few years. Sexuality at that time is too important to them to take the non-sexual aspects of social nudism quite as easily.

As far as nudist sumer camps for kids, they exist here and there, even Christian ones. Generally speaking, the only problems that occur come from outside outrage.

Considering all this, plus the mess with kids ‘sexting’ pics to each other, rampant underage pregnacies, and so many parents’ inability to raise their children with any kind of social responsibility, it would seem that loving parents teaching their kids that the human body is not an item of shame should be the least of anyone’s concerns.

And by the way, yeah, you’re a nudist. A ‘home nudist’ is the term. That’s not anything bad. You’ve got your feathers, you just haven’t learned how to fly yet! 😉 – Angie & Steve

Visit us at All Nudist for real, honest information on the lifestyle. It’s not for everybody, but it should be!

Comment by All Nudist

[…] uh huh ) and talks about her reaction to some local radio broadcasts about an alleged ‘Naked Kids Camp‘ in her […]

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@ all nudist: I’m sorry, did you say naked Christian kids camp? Holy cats. That would get the Colorado Springs evangelists up in a lather.

Comment by humanbeingblog

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