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Give the man a break
March 26, 2009, 12:17 pm
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When I started my current job, it took me 6 months, easy, before I felt like I knew I was doing. It was 6 months before I had credibility. It was a year before I felt like I had settled in to the point where I was making an impact.

This timeframe seems reasonable to me.

And when I helped vote Barack Obama into office, I figured it would be a year before we’d see any real change outside of anything he could do by executive order. I anticipated he’d lift the stem cell ban within his first 100 days. I thought he’d have some sort of stimulus package done in that same timeframe. And he has, and he’s done some other things as well, such as open up the Freedom of Information Act again, which I believe will be seen as historically more important than the press it got at the time.

How many press conferences has Mr. Obama held since the inauguration? How many internet chats has he held? I’m too lazy to go to to get the statistics, but I have the feeling its more than the sum total of Geo. Bush’s public discussions in his last term.

Already, people are grumbling. People who supported Mr. Obama’s campaign. People who voted for him. If you’re a grumbler, here’s a question for you: What have you been able to accomplish in the past 90 days? Have you solved a major, prolonged issue in your life? No? Then give the man a break.

Is our economic chaos solved already? No! It took us years to get into this mess and it will take years to fully recover from it. And regardless, it will take all of us, all of the businesses, all of our governments to make real economic recovery. The future of our country rests on all of our shoulders, not just on Mr. Obama’s.

Are we out of Iraq yet? No! Did I expect to be by now? No! Is the Obama administration making strides to get us out of Iraq? Yes! Is that good enough? For now, yes it is.

Here’s a message for the people: Barack Obama is a man, not a genie, not Jesus reincarnate turning water into wine. He is in charge of our country, but Congress is the group that has the power. Our statehouse has power. Our city councils have power. Hell, you have more power and control over your immediate environment than Mr. Obama does. So why are you giving up on him so soon? Why are you griping? Has our culture become so addicted to the instant fix that we have lost all sense of patience?

Everyone needs to take a deep breath. Yes, the world sucks right now. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been stressed out about the economy. Hell, I’m not getting a raise this year (and maybe not next year either) because of the state of the economy. We’re not getting married because of the economy. But is that Barack Obama’s fault? Is there anything he could do to fix these specific situations? No, there isn’t.

The only thing we can do is reassess our expectations. And I hope, if you do that, you will give the man a break.


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well said my friend. He’s done more in 90 days than GWB did in 8 years it seems….

Comment by Mich

While I agree with the premise, Obama has not delivered on his promises thus far – where are the line item vetoes he promised? Why did the stimulus bill sit on his desk for 5 days after Congress moved heaven and earth to pass a bill (too fast to have the economic consequences vetted properly) where the consequences were were total catastrophic destruction of the economy as we knew it (at least that is how the story was told at the time)? Why back off the bonus tax now?

I admire that he was man enough to come out and say he had made mistakes (60 Minutes Interview). That is tough to do on a world stage. I wish he would handle the day-to-day in the manner in which he promised while campaigning. While he is only one man, he is one man with a small army of advisors to help him make the right decisions. My Cabinet only contains canned goods and dried noodles.

He has done a tremendous amount of good deeds already. Gitmo is closing. Troops are coming home. I am not looking for an instant fix. I am looking for accountability. Obama offers more accountability than most people and nearly all politicians, but my expectations are rather high and my patience for bullshit is running thin.

Comment by laurariffel

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