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I’m a snob
March 30, 2009, 9:27 pm
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The other day, I read a news story that said strip clubs are getting inundated with women from all walks of professional life looking to strip and supplement their incomes … or actually make an income after being laid off. And that story made me think about what I might do in such dire straights? Could I actually take my clothes off for money?

I’m not a prude–far from it. I’ve been to strip clubs, and honestly, I think that for the most part women who are exotic dancers are incredibly empowered. Really, who’s being taken advantage of? The woman taking the money off the guy, or the guy getting the eyeful for $20 or $200?

I have some friends who work in this industry, and they make damn fine money. One friend dances at the Diamond Cabaret, and she can bring home 2 grand easy (and in cash) working four five-hour shifts a week. She used to be an IT recruiter. She got laid off in the fall.

She’s a beautiful woman, curvy, over 40, mom of three girls, married to a great guy who loves and supports her. She’s not the cliched sexually abused, depressed, self-hating victim of a woman you see portrayed in Hollywood. Actually, she’s quite the opposite. Smart, vivacious, self-confident, loving, fun. She gets off on the attention, for sure. She really gets off on the money. At the same time, her knees and back are killing her. And she has to lie to her kids, who think she’s hostessing at a bar. Her oldest is nearing puberty: Can she be fooled much longer? Yet the money is awesome.

The thought of making $8k a month for half the work I do now? Hell yes, I could do that.One month and I’d be out of debt and could pay to replace my nasty carpet with hardwood floors. Two months and we’d have money for a wedding. A nice wedding. Three months and the basement could be finished. Six months and we’d have a down payment on a new house on top of all that. Money money money money!

Then, I think about some of the men I’ve seen at the strip clubs. Sure, at a place like the Diamond most of the men are clean cut, or at least clean. But at others–sheesh. Could I give a lap dance to a good looking guy wearing an expensive suit, tipping me with Benjamins and buying me top-shelf liquor? Possibly. Could I shake my thing for a day laborer with no teeth and a wrinkled $5 bill?

I don’t think so.

Think of it this way: You’re in your car, stopped at a light. You feel someone watching you and you glance at the car next to you. There sits a good looking person. Smiling at you. Flirting with you. Married or not, that feels pretty good. You might smile back, flirt back. Harmless? Yes! Fun? Yes! It’s a little thrill for the day (Yes! I still have it! Woo hoo!) Now, imagine that the flirty-pie is completely unattractive. Do you return the flirt? Or do you quickly fiddle with the radio, or pull forward so you’re no longer in his/her line of sight?  Yeah, that’s what I thought. Me too.

And that’s why I could never take off my clothes for money. I’m too much of a snob. I don’t think I could get my head around pretending to be attracted to unattractive people. Which makes me admire women who can strip for a living. They’ve got more balls than I do. And more cash.


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Dear God, Lynn… had me cracking up, AND agreeing with you on SO many points in this “I’m a Snob” piece you wrote! First, you really captured my attention with the “curvy, over 40 mom with kids who’s married”. You got me thinking….acting and modeling don’t pay much, and I’m not ready yet to go back to OT, maybe I should give this a try? But after reading further, I agree with you….I just don’t think I could be an exotic dancer UNLESS it was at the upscale places. And can I pick the customers I want to dance for?? That would be great! I just don’t see them allowing me to pick and choose though, so….I guess I need to get my certification re-started for OT….cause us stay-at-home Moms, don’t make jack!!!

Comment by Kimberly Sudol

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