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Days of Grace: 33/365
April 3, 2009, 12:13 pm
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  1. Good conversation with a very smart scientist this morning.
  2. Which makes me appreciate that I get to use my brain A LOT in my job, and that I have learned a lot about biology, genes, how drugs work, cancer cells and other interesting things over the past 22 months.
  3. Tipping, while good, isn’t mandatory when you’ve gotten particularly bad service, such as the service I got at the Tavern in Lowry last night. I left a note.
  4. Steve’s taking me on a trip for my birthday in nine weeks. We are going to drive to Santa Fe with the top down on the Saab, stay someplace wonderful, eat good food, visit galleries … I can’t wait! We’re so on the same wavelength, because I’ve been thinking that I’d like to go to Santa Fe or Taos in the next couple of months, but I hadn’t said anything to him. I swear sometimes he reads my mind.
  5. Money in my wallet, and in my bank account.

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