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I can’t resist her
April 5, 2009, 9:29 pm
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My daughter is a clothes horse. I am her enabler. Today, we went to Target to buy a pair of jeans. One.

$118 later, and she is now the proud owner of one pair of jeans, two pair of leggings, two pair of plaid bermuda shorts (pink/brown and blue/green), two flouncy hippie tank tops and one kelly green dress. Yes, miracle of miracles, my daughter found a dress that she loves and will wear. Oh, and a pair of goldish-pink flats she’s been coveting and which were on sale at $7.49 today.

It all started with cleaning her room. She’s good about picking it up–which to her means shoving anything that seems out of place into her closet, her drawers and under her bed. She definitely got my cleaning genes. So, after filling two garbage bags with trash, one with stuff to give away, one with dress up clothes for my neice, we tackled her drawers. I learned that while she has 13 tops, she has only 4 pair of pants, and two of those are shorts. I’m really not a bad mommy. When a kid goes back and forth between two houses all the time, you’re lucky if she has two matching shoes at your place when she comes back.

While she loves clothes, Lauren is also incredibly picky. Did I say incredibly? Make that absurdly picky. Meaning, if I pick it out, she won’t wear it. If it’s beige, she won’t wear it. If it’s snug in the arms or the waist, has frills, has hearts, has buttons, has … something incredibly silly that other 7-year-olds probably wouldn’t even notice, or might even like, she won’t wear it. So, today, when we walked through the girls’ section at Target, and she kept pointing out things she liked, we loaded up the cart. Then, in the dressing room, she liked 80 percent of what she put on. She didn’t whine. She didn’t fight me on anything, even the few items I picked out for her. And when she looked at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and said please Momma, I put it all in the cart. OK, I did make her choose two of three pair of shorts. But everything else that fit, I bought. Even the two tops that she didn’t need.

We even went next door to Kohl’s to find a sweater or a shrug to put over all of the tank tops (seriously–what is with all the summer clothes and only summer clothes being out in the beginning of April? Don’t those buyers know that kids grow out of things in about 6.7 weeks, and we still need some short sleeves at least here in Denver until mid-May?). We were shut out, and I’ll have to look for something online this week.

I shouldn’t spoil her, especially now in this economy. I blew my entire clothing budget for me and for her today. But I can’t resist her. Could you?


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