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Random Tuesday Thoughts: Dirty Dozen
  1. It must be spring, because I’m feeling incredibly productive. You should see the punch list at home. I made it on Sunday night and I’m about 1/3 of the way done.
  2. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t get myself back out the door last night to see Dooce at the Tattered Cover. The idea of sitting in rush-hour traffic for 45 minutes just slayed me. Besides, there were a few things on the punch list that were calling my name.
  3. I got the dresser finished last night, and it’s now set up in my room. I’m surprised that I’m actually a little short on space.
  4. The cute guy at the coffee shop flirted with me again today, complimenting me on my outfit AND my haircut. Such a great way to start off the day.
  5. Last night, I came upon my childhood/adolscent/college diary. Or should I call it the Chronicle of Lynn’s Crushes. Oh, I was so sure that I was in love with every boy I had a crush on. Then, the relationship would fall apart over something. I only broke up with one boy in the whole diary. Some of my writing was quite depressing, and a bit painful to read. So much agnst! The funniest part, though, was the short letter I wrote to “my future husband,” (I promise to love you through your highest highs and your lowest lows!!) which is on the page opposite of the list of the guys I slept with in high school and college. Steve, in particular, found that to be quite funny.
  6. I’m going to look up all the crushes on Facebook. Especially Mike Lanning, The One Who Got Away in 8th grade.
  7. Does anyone call it “asking you” anymore? The diary is filled with my longing for a boy to “ask me”, which I believe meant asking me to go steady/be his girlfriend. I was such an awkward duck, not popular, not pretty, very shy in middle school and I just wanted to be ASKED so I could GIVE OUT THE LOVE that burned in my heart.
  8. I got Lauren’s gifted/talented scores from Denver Public Schools a few days ago. The letter says that she doesn’t qualify for the GT program in her current district. Which is odd, because the exact same scores qualified her as “highly qualified” in Cherry Creek School District, which is unquestionably the best in the state. She’s still on the wait list for the Challenge School, which is one of the best schools in Colorado. If another highly qualified kid leaves the program between now and Aug. 30, then she may be drawn randomly from the pool to get that spot. Her current GT teacher wants to talk to her dad and me about the plan for 3rd grade. But the plan will be more like it is now, which isn’t much. Maybe I’m projecting, because for a long time I was the smart kid stuck in class with the average kids and I got bored out of my mind.
  9. I love Free Pizza Tuesdays at work. My digestive system will give me hell later, but mmm it’s so worth it.
  10. I’m taking two weeks of vacation in June. The relief of this decision feels like cool water sluicing down my skin on a sweltering day. I’m trying to convince Laurel, whose birthday is three days before mine, to take a short birthday trip to a spa with me. Steve and I will go to Santa Fe for a couple of days. Then the rest of the time is MINE, ALL MINE.
  11. I wish it were two months, instead of two weeks.
  12. The other day, someone left a copy of MORE in the bathroom. I liked it. Which means I’m too old to read Cosmo anymore.

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