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Random Tuesday Thoughts

It’s Tuesday, which means you get to read a regurgitation of the stuff in my head that’s so random it’s not even funny. Or maybe it is. You tell me. Because you people should really leave me more comments instead of lurking around.

  1. I can hardly sit still today. I want to be anywhere but where I am, even when I go someplace to get away from the place I was. If I could take a sabbatical from my body today, that would be great. However, I do not know how or where to score the necessary hallucinatory drugs to experience said sabbatical, and I don’t think I’d be brave enough to try them anyway.
  2. I’ve been thinking about coming off the Wellbutrin, especially given how irritable I’ve been lately. Is there a correlation? I’m also terrified of coming off the Wellbutrin, because what if I get depressed again? I’m too agitated to make a decision.
  3. Last night, I bought purple and pink Peeps on discount at the grocery store after watching this very cool Washington Post slideshow of Peep dioramas. They’re the purple and pink bird peeps, 6 of each. I love to eat them, but I want to make a Peeps scene too. Decisions, decisions.
  4. I also bought a chocolate Easter bunny, since I didn’t go to my mom’s this year, and she’s the supplier of said bunnies. I ate it last night in one sitting. It was delicious.
  5. Last night, Steve came home and did the chores he hasn’t gotten to. And I was so grateful and relieved. But still mad and frustrated so I didn’t say thank you or even acknowledge that he’d done anything. Which makes me mean.
  6. I want a job that pays me $80k a year to sit around and read blogs and comment on them all day.
  7. Tonight I get to take my kid to dinner. Usually we go to Chipotle, Noodles or a local Chinese or BBQ place. Tonight, I think we’ll get sushi, because it’s one of those days when I just say fuck it when I think of my budget. And sushi sounds really, really good. I may regret a $70 dinner with my kiddo when I get my credit card bill (because she can eat me under the table when it comes to sushi). But every once in a while, I like doing what I want to do and damn the consequences.
  8. On Saturday, I went to Ciji’s Natural Pet Food Store in Park Hill and had a long convo with the clerk. I wound up leaving with $30 of new cat food, which will last me about 2 weeks, and a probiotic supplement to try to quell the Great Vomiting Episodes of 2009. So far, so good. Only one puke detected so far, right in the middle of the basement steps. Which was lovely to discover as I stepped in it, barefoot.
  9. Sometimes, I find that my comments on other blogs are smarter, funnier and pithier than what I write on my own blog. I want to be one of those funny bloggers. But I start writing and it comes out as a big waahahahahahaha! Maybe I’ll start a category called Whine with that Cheese.
  10. Frosted Mini Wheats rock. Seriously. Good for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and they offer excellent fiber for those “obstructed” days.
  11. People don’t follow directions. Especially highly educated people. With PhDs. And when they don’t, it means more work for me, which makes me more irritable. How hard is it to click a link, then another link? Easier than replying to an email that clearly says DO NOT REPLY, PLEASE RESPOND TO THE EVITE BY CLICKING THIS LINK. Sheesh.

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I absolutely love random thoughts. I found this through BlogHer and saw that you love comments on your blog so I thought I’d come and give you a comment! You’ll have to tell us on BlogHer Chatter when you do more random thoughts! (P.S. I suffer from depression too and it takes a while sometimes to find that perfect medication that works with the least side effects. You should tell your doctor about your irritability. There’s a great community of other women with the same problem and we love to help others!)

Comment by Somer

Sorry, I’m good with the reading but not with the commenting! I’m reading all the posts, though.

I bought some art supply Peeps, too – but am keeping my nefarious plans under wraps for them. I was sorry that I couldn’t find any yellow chicks on Easter evening, but I’ll just have to pay full price next year.

I have another comment I’ve been thinking about on your letter to your uterus, I’ll put that one in its proper place so you’ll be able to find it later if you want.

#11, direct them back to the evite or they won’t get to eat!

Hope the burden lightens up soon…

Comment by Derende

Never mind, Uterus is not accepting comments!

I got this book a few years ago (Taking Charge of Your Fertility, link below), and was amazed at how little they taught us about our machinery in health class.

It’s easy to record your data once you’re in the habit, and I found it very illuminating in telling me what my body was up to. Temperature was a very accurate indicator of when my period would start – no more surprises! There’s a bit on there about perimenipause which I’ll have to look at again when I’m back off the pill – it describes what kinds of things happen and what it all means.

Don’t let that uterus bitch give you no guff.

Comment by Derende

some weird default setting or something I clicked during a drunken blogging session closed my comments after 4 days. Now its fixed! My uterus and I will explore this book. Thanks for the tip! And for lurking.

Comment by humanbeingblog

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