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Days of Grace:53-56/365

Should these catch up gratitude lists count? I’ve had trouble finding time to post during my trip, so I’m saying … YES!

  1. Me and Nathaniel Gorham, click pic for more

    Me and Nathaniel Gorham, click pic for more

    My organization paid for my trip to Philadelphia

  2. I have a per diem so I can occasionally skip the rubber chicken
  3. Cheese plates at receptions
  4. Free wine
  5. Having conversations with Betsy Ross and Benjamin Franklin
  6. Seeing what my ancestor Nathaniel Gorham of Massachusetts, one of the signers of the US Constitution, may have looked like
  7. And getting my picture taken with him
  8. Cherry vanilla ice cream
  9. The PAN team, which has put together an interesting conference
  10. I have a job to go back to
  11. No one in Philly has the swine flu
  12. I’m feeling healthy, if a bit tired because Philly’s 8:30 am is my 6:30 am and I am so not a morning person
  13. My colleague Camy, who is a good listener
  14. Confirmation that I’m good at what I do, and I can play with the big kids
  15. Netflix watch it live, which has come in handy while traveling
  16. My music in iTunes, which I forgot about and have happily rediscovered
  17. Tonight’s trip to the Cezanne exhibit
  18. Jill @ work for putting together the finishing touches of Director’s Newsletter when I’m away
  19. My last night sleeping in a bed that’s not my own
  20. A wonderful trip to a beautiful city

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