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It must be spring ‘cuz I am cleaning
May 14, 2009, 3:02 pm
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I’m a self-professed slob. Not a gross, leave-food-laden-plates-under-the-bed kind of slob, but more of a piler kind of slob. I’m of the mind that if I file it away in a drawer, I’ll never a) find it or b) remember that I have it. And most of the time I can think of at least 10 different ways I could spend my 10 minutes than putting things away. Or, I get  really busy, and wind up throwing stuff into said pile because I’m rushing off to the next thing.

However, even I have a threshhold for messiness. And this week, I reached it in my office.

Before: My desk

Before: My desk

Before: not my desk

Before: not my desk

Now, I have to admit that I work better with some mess around me. But not this much. My piles had become monstrous. For the second time in a day, I had to move stuff off of chairs for guests to sit down, and move other boxes to get into my file cabinet.

So, I took an hour an a half yesterday afternoon to sort, file, trash and clean. I took care of that niggling to-do pile — give this journal to my boss, take this pile to the shred-it box. I mapped out deadlines for all the points of my current projects and got them up on my white board. I grabbed the compressed air and blew WAY TOO MANY crumbs out of my keyboard. I scrubbed all surfaces with 409. I went through my desk files and put away finished projects

Now my office looks like this!

After: My desk

After: My desk

After: not my desk

After: not my desk

I’m going to get new plants or those empty pots, too. Maybe fake ones so I can’t kill them, but greenery nonetheless.

I can’t promise I’ll keep it this neat and clean for very long, but I’m being more conscientious at home, so maybe it will spill over to my office. For now, it feels fresh and clean, like a new start.


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