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May 14, 2009, 9:55 pm
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The Stiletto Mom threw down the gauntlet last week, daring others to boldly go where she had in posting devastatingly horrible pictures of herself in high school. (Actually, she looked pretty cute to me.) You have to check out her blog to see the pink taffeta ruffled jobby she wore to prom because her shoulders were too sexy to show (or so her mother thought).

ANYway, last night, I dug out my high school album and scanned samples of my lovely wardrobe from 1983-1987, the good old days of Rangeview High.

<partial humiliation>

Now first of all, You have to remember it was the ’80s, with big hair, the bigger and more frosted the better. Even that, I have to say I was HAWT in high school. Hawt and skinny and blonde. God knows why I hardly ever had a date. Maybe I was just so devastatingly HAWT none of the boys had the balls to ask me out. But I digress.

The fashion show begins in 1983 with my freshman photo.


Note the bi-level haircut and my natural color. And the Izod. Oh, lord I was so happy to have that Izod, because it meant I was not only HAWT, I was COOL. What you can’t see is that I have absolutely no tits whatsoever. Jody Tabb would sit behind me in class and whisper “Flat as a board! Flat as a board!” Maybe he was trying to get me to flash him my itty bitty titties. Guess, what Jody, joke’s on you because now, I’m a 36 D and you can’t see ’em nah, nah nah nah nah.

I think he’s in prison somewhere.

Let’s fast forward to 1984.

1984-1985 was sophomore year, my second year on the pom squad. It’s odd that I don’t have tons of photos of me in my uniform, because that’s pretty much what I wore 3 to 4 days a week from the first day of school until mid-spring when basketball season was over. I still have my skirt, which I think Lauren could wear now. Did I mention I was skinny?


I think the rest of my photos are still on the rolls of film somewhere at my parents’ house. She’s notorious for never developing them, and the move before last, I took in a bunch of rolls for processing. Most didn’t turn out, but the one that did was nekkid pictures of my little brother’s girlfriend showing off her pink bits. I don’t think my mom took those. ANYway, the few pictures that did get printed were the ones Ganny, my dad’s mom, took. First up: me in my Baskin-Robbins uniform.


It’s so lovely and brown. Note the lack of bilevel, and the increasing blondness of my hair. Note the expression. I was never meant to be a model–still can’t relax in front of the camera. Also, note the ass-end of the Ford Gran Torino stationwagon, complete with air jacks. This was my first car.

Sidenote to parents of girls: Do not give your daughter a car with a backseat she can stretch out along.

Then we have Ganny’s lovely pictures of me  in my BATHING SUIT next to Gus Hendricks, now my FBF (Facebook friends to you novices).


Gus was a hottie I had a crush on, and his dad got transferred to Louisiana, a town right next to my grandparents’. So, he came to visit. Now: check out my legs. Seriously. And when I bought that swimsuit (see the alternating purple and black Vees meant to slim my 24-inch waist?) I thought it made my thighs look fat.

Finally, yet another awkward moment in front of the camera. I was going out on a date Ganny, the eternal matchmaker, set me up on the day Gus left. With a guy who was (still to this day) the WORST kisser on the planet. I only kissed him because I felt obligated. Mushy. Yuck. But I looked cute, huh? I think the white plastic beads from the Limited really make the whole thing work.


My junior year, 1985-1986, The Limited was my favorite store. I actually saved up for this mustard yellow sweater vest (note upturned collar–sweet!). I grew my hair out by Christmas, and PERMED it. Oh yeah! Eating chocolate fondue on the lovely floral couch with me, my BFF and now FBF, Vivian Plummer. She was stylin’ too. Check out the brooch at her neck. Sexy.


My junior year kind of sucked. I went from unrequited crush to unrequited crush. But the worst of it was at Junior Prom. I was so into Scott Osgood. He asked me to Prom. I convinced my mother to buy a $200 pink and white lace dress with a HOOP SKIRT and FINGERLESS GLOVES. Then, Scott went to an FBLA conference and met Margaret. And the week before prom, told me he was taking Margaret and not me. I was crushed. And pissed. So my HS BFF Kristin and I tp’d his car at school with a 24-roll pack of generic toilet paper, purchased at Grocery Warehouse for $1.99. Sweet, sweet revenge. But still, I had a $200 dress, a hair appointment and no date.

Enter, Russ, the school security guard, who told me some guy I didn’t know really liked me and wanted to take me to prom. Eureka! I use this dude as my entry ticket, blow him off and look devastatingly beautiful to make Scott eat his heart out. So I said yes. And Lloyd, who I had never really seen before, showed up wearing this lovely white tails tux with gloves. I made him take off the TOP HAT and put down his cane for the photo. OMFG. Seriously. I almost didn’t get in the car.

The night was awful, except for dinner at Baby Doe’s. After I did my “can’t touch this” walk by Scott and Margaret, I wanted to go home. Suffice it to say, 8 hours and a six-pack of Keystone Light later, I stumbled into my room and swore to wipe the evening from my memory.

Alas, several photos survived.


Now, I want you to take notice of the background, especially the tree. Somehow the tree was sexy. It , like me, was HAWT. Being photographed near The Tree meant it was a special occasion. Evidence:


Forget the fact that I’m completely in shadow. The Tree is in the picture. It works.

Which brings me to Senior Homecoming, with David Bates. He’s the only guy who legitimately asked me to a dance in high school. Sad. He was nice, and guess what? He’s my FBF! In this picture, he is stabbing his finger with the corsage pin. I lost it in the parking lot of Stuart Anderson’s Steakhouse. I felt so bad. That was a very fun date. Check out my poofy bangs, french braid and lovely black bow barette. All my own creation!


I still have this dress. It’s velvet, a size 4 that’s been altered to fit my skinny waist, which is emphasized by a big-ass bow. I remember that the dress came back from the cleaners having been IRONED. Fuck! It was ruined until Kristin’s mom came to the rescue with a steamer. I think that if I took out the shoulder pads and removed the bow, it would look great on me today … once I got back down to 118 pounds. HA!


I’m sure other pictures exist of me in 1986-1987. But these are the best! First, check out the outfit here. To set the scene, my family is on vacation in New Orleans. I am blonde and permed. And bored out of my fucking mind. My brother looks disappointed because my dad just pulled him out of a titty bar. And I’m wearing my most favorite outfit of my senior year: the blue sleeveless turtleneck sweater with a pink tank underneath, pink shorts, white keds and pink flamingo earrings that I stole bought with my employee discount at Stein-Mart. My anklet socks? Ringed with flamingos too. Totally tubular!


And then, came Senior Prom. By this time I was well into my longest high school relationship with Rob Johnson. He was funnier than he was cute, and he turned out to be a cheating piece of crap. But he was 17, so what could I expect? Anyhoo, after the pink wedding cake dress of 1986, I decided to go sexy black for this prom.


Rob went to Smoky Hill, and both of our proms were on the same night. We wound up going to his–can’t remember why. I think because I was in a “fuck RHS” mode. We went to this private dining room for dinner, called the Metropolitan Club, and the waiters served the food under cover, removing the covers with a fluorish. I ate escargot for the first time. The dance was boring, so we went to the hotel room he’d booked. To spare the older generation, I’ll let the story stop there.


I remember buying this dress. I was devastated that it was a size 8. I still had no boobs, but my mom famously said, “Don’t worry, you can buy those.” Check out the ruffles and the bow, man, and my big, big, big hair. I think I used a whole can of Aqua Net to get it to stay like that.

</partial humiliation>


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OMG…awesome. Look at you! Also, were you in Dallas? We used to have a Baby Doe’s here. Linking you up right now!

Comment by The Stiletto Mom

Nope, Denver. I think it was a chain. But I’m sure the big-ass Texas hair had you confused!

Comment by humanbeingblog

OMG!!! I don’t know how many times I almost peed my pants reading this! You are a fantastic writer, blog much? The comment about you car, fabulous! Play-by-play about the men—boys, typical, and even mirror image. Aqua Net, oh the memories…thank you for the laughs, you have truly made my day!!!

Comment by Jodi Nissen

you are one hot chickadee! (i don’t know you, but you probably still are)

pom squad AND ice cream scooper extraordinaire? girls like you would eat girls like me for lunch (think chess club, ecology club, movie usher)

Comment by bex

I actually liked both your pink and your black dresses. The pink one had a certain southern charm to it, and the black one just looked so nice on you. Alas, I never owned an Izod, although I desperately wanted to. I was the ultimate in uncool.

Comment by chasity

You have such a great smile you’d look good in big or little hair.

Comment by Prefers Her Fantasy Life

No…I’m not a stalker…but you and I look a lot alike…back then!!! Same hair, same dresses (sort of) We could have been sisters!! Kinda freaky.

Comment by Heather Leach

Wow! I love the black Velvet dress! And the bow in you hair reminds me of a Meg Ryan movie although for the life of me I can’t remember which, maybe one with Tom Hanks? But I love your dresses and you look amazing!

Comment by Angel

Great pictures Lynn…great blog. I remember you working at Baskin Robbins and you bringing me icecream to the hospital during one of my stays. Who can forget Chocolate Fondue and Christmas Eve with the Gorhams? So many fun memories! I think I inherited that awesome brooch from Viv and then inturn bequeathed onto Sofie and it sits in her jewelry box to this day. I was probably jealous of the blue sleeveless turtleneck and socks (I too had a flamingo fetish at one time too…). You forgot to mention the white framed sunglasses that was used as a hair accessory rather than eye wear! Miss you guys!

Comment by Mich

I wonder why photographing by a tree is the standard issued photograph for major events? My parents paraded me around a tree as well. You were beautiful and that black dress was stunning.

Comment by Casey

Aside from the 80s fashions – you were just adorable! And I have to say I was a big Limited fan too. The “Forenza sweater” was a staple in my wardrobe. We even sometimes wore the long sleeved v-necks backwards sometimes for a sexy backless look.

As for dates – I’m a fan of “funnier than cute” – but no so much the cheating thing.

Comment by Kate Coveny Hood

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