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Days of Grace: 86/365
May 28, 2009, 10:46 am
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  1. Amy’s Steelcut Oatmeal in a microwavable bowl
  2. After five days of being unable to fully straighten my legs due to Sunday’s craziness (Nia, followed by weight lifting/legs, followed by major housecleaning, followed by 3.5 hours of salsa dancing … who me, manic?) I can almost completely put my heels on the floor AND straighten my knees. Without screaming.
  3. Yesterday’s interview with Thelissa Zollinger, a woman who turned the loss of her husband to lung cancer into a personal crusade to find early detection. She RAWKS! And INSPIRES. I’ll post the story when I’m done writing it.
  4. Two nights in a row of So You Think You Can Dance.
  5. My “new” office, which I moved into late last year, is so much warmer than my last office because my workstation isn’t positioned directly below the A/c vent. I might be able to put my heater away for the summer.

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*Snickers at #2.
You overdid it.

Comment by DOMINO

As I type I am sitting underneath our freezing office vent wondering what life might be like at a desk job that does not require a blanket. We’re moving offices in a month and I’m keeping my fingers crossed (and gloved) in hopes for a better location.

Didn’t those meals look delicious!? I’d love to take credit for them, but alas – my skills in the kitchen are limited – the boyfriend made them. 🙂 Let me know if you’d like a recipe!

Comment by The Schumanator

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