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Grace in Small Things: 94-97
June 9, 2009, 12:03 pm
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Another 20 item gratitude list to make up for time spent offline.

  1. Steve took me to Santa Fe for my birthday
  2. And we stayed a fantastic inn, the Four Kachinas Inn (in the room pictured on the landing page)
  3. And had a bottle of excellent champagne and flowers and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us
  4. And took me to one of the top 3 dinners I’ve eaten in my life, at Geronimo
  5. And was kind to me the next day when I hit a Wellbutrin withdrawal wall and felt like I had the flu
  6. And rented us bikes to tour downtown Sante Fe
  7. And took me hiking (in a dress–cute) at Bandelier
  8. Where I climbed up four very steep ladders into Puebloan ceremonial site
  9. And came up and rescued me when I was too scared to come down the ladders
  10. And only took a few pictures of my ass as I climbed down
  11. Sid the Saab didn’t leave us on the side of the godforsaken New Mexico highway
  12. My dad has aced Google searching
  13. I’m off the Wellbutrin
  14. And all of the crazy is gone
  15. We’re home
  16. And slept in our own bed (bliss!) last night
  17. Laurel loaned us a car for the day
  18. It is 1 pm and I am still sitting in my pajamas
  19. Because I am on vacation!!!
  20. And I have 12 glorious days left
  21. For good luck: My parents did not get swept away in the tornadoes that took out a good part of the mall they live one mile away from.

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Hey! Happy (late) birthday! It sounds like you had a fantastic time and I am so glad you are feeling well and enjoying a break. I am also glad that your parents are OK. It must have been scary for them to be so close to ‘impact’. I hope they aren’t too shaken. 🙂 XXX

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