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On a sad goodbye to Megan the Goat


There is a god, because on Wednesday, America voted and sent Megan Joy the Goat home on American Idol. If I would have had to listen to her weird, chuckling vebrato through one more song, I think I may have pulled my eyeballs out with fondue forks, because that would have been less painful.

Had Megan performed every week with the fuck-you energy she gave on Wednesday’s farewell show–when the goat vebrato actually worked a little–maybe I’d have a different opinion of her. But maybe not.

Now, I have been an AI fan since the first AI slum year, when there were no stylists or vocal coaches, and a karaoke business owner actually made it into the top 10. Of course, Kelly Clarkson is now an official superstar, even though her current hit song is about the dumbest thing I’ve heard since … well, Megan’s goat chortle. Don’t get me wrong. I (heart) Kelly Clarkson big time. I even bought tickets to her concert for Lauren and me. It got canceled, and we both cried.

Some years I got bored and stopped watching. Namely, the Fantasia year. I still don’t understand why anyone would actually pay money to hear her screech.

Right now, in Season 8, I’m debating whether to stop TiVoing and get a little bit of my life back on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Even with the addition of Ca-rah and the threat of the judges being able to bring back someone America hates, it’s all gotten a little bit trite.

In the auditions, I picked out Lil Rounds and Danny Gokey as front-runners. I mean, come ON, how can you not vote for a mom who’s family was devastated by tornadoes and a man whose wife died? Seriously? Do you have a heart? And they also happen to have amazing voices.

Danny does have an amazing voice, but he’s become so predictable. Seriously, if your fellow contestants can imitate you, then you’re in trouble.

I’m concerned about Lil. That chick had such and edge and the stylists and people helping her choose her songs have seriously made her into an old woman. I think Paula said it best: We don’t want to see Lil Rounds the Adult Contemporary Artist. Oh, Lil! Why do you eschew the judges and refuse to sing a Mary J Blige song? As Simon would say, you’re becoming bohr-ring. Girl, you have the most to gain! Don’t throw it away.

I liked Anoop because he was different (wow, an Indian dude?), but he’s become such a cheese ball. Is he skating along on the success of Slumdog Millionaire? Maybe. He does have a good voice. Buy his record? Maybe not. Buh-bye in about 3 weeks, I think.

Of course Scott is there in the top group, because even though his voice is completely anemic, he has overcome great odds against his disability. And that equals sympathy vote. I admire him. He’s a fabulous musician. But I wouldn’t buy his record. I already own Billy Joel‘s greatest hits. Scott is no Billy Joel, and I just don’t see where he fits in my music vocabulary.

Matt and Kris? They’re both adorable. I’d love to take advantage of them for a few days, have them sing me love songs and play their instruments for me. But then, I’d realize they’re nice guys but nothing special.

I think, despite certain fashion disasters of the past week, Alison may be the one to beat. She’s different. She has energy. She’s charismatic. And we can judge her solely on her talent without some sob story of a back story. I love her voice. Yes, she was a little over the top last week. But still, I love her voice. I think she’s closer to Kelly Clarkson than any other contestant in terms of commercial appeal.

The other wildcard, of course is Adam. He’s a bit of a freak show. I don’t like the Elvis hair he’s been sporting lately either. Give me the black nail polish any day. Now, he’s a freaking mouthwatering piece of man (but then, I can have interesting tastes). His voice is incredible. However, I think he may just be too weird for the show. I still can’t decide if his Ring of Fire performance was legendary or awful. It was so trippy, it felt like I had just swallowed a pound of magic mushrooms … not that I’ve ever done anything like that. I think that Adam will get picked up and have a career after the show regardless of how he does. And I’d probably buy his record, although I’d secretly listen to it without letting my other 40-something friends know.

Last season’s AI was awesome: the Battle of the Davids! I’m so happy to see both are enjoying commercial success. That battle kept me captivated all season. This season is just kind of  … meh! Good talent, but no one with a spark that’s keeping me all that interested.

Maybe things will get better without weird, goatish Megan Joy on the show. God knows I wish her well, as long as I don’t have to listen to her.


Days of Grace: 17/365
March 18, 2009, 8:30 am
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